Yin And Yang


Isn't  it strange how we can have an awesome day-month-year, and simultaneously encounter challenges which seem to be the exact opposite? Life is strange that way, and we humans tend to keep swimming no matter how deep the waters get. This has been a year when the challenges have steadily waited … Read More

Manic Monday


Monday's are manic, just like The Bangles song says.  I'm writing this post from my cozy tempur pedic on Sunday night, while my head is spinning about all the things I must accomplish on Monday. Though my brain hurts from the overcrowded racing thoughts, I'm also excited to progress on long term … Read More

I’m Going Crazy


You've probably noticed a lot of weird things going on around here, and I promise it's not your imagination. I was in Florida last week, and wasn't able to get much done on the site customizations unfortunately. Now that I'm back home, a bazillion things are interfering with my progress of course. … Read More



Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web. Those of you who know me, probably know this new site has been under development for a bit, and we are still trying to get it finished and working properly.To my current clients, thank you for your patience as this project unfolds. To my potential … Read More